During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


Art Nouveau near the Antiques and Books Market The Hague

If you love, or want to see some

Art Nouveau, Jugendstil, Arts & Crafts or Nederlandse Nieuwe Kunst 

and you are in The Hague between 7-10 June 2019

you might be interested in: 

lectures, exhibitions, architecture, music, guided tours on foot or by boat through the canals of The Hague, during the

and you probably wil pass the Thursday's or Sunday's 
Antiques and Books Market
on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague

And there you might find objects from that period:

furniture, glass, books, lamps, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, 
metalware, art medals, prints, paintings, …….
you never know what can be on the stands !


The Hague antiques market & book fair, Summer 2019

on May 5, 2019 
the new summer season of the 
Antiques and Book Market at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague 
will start again,
every sunday and thursday
until September 22

(except September 15)

best visiting hours are: 10 - 17 o'clock

You can find antiques, books, prints, vinyl, 
design, furniture, art nouveau & art deco,
silver, ceramics, paintings, 
lighting, vintage watches or cameras
asian antiques, beads, etnografic objects,

a broche, a necklace, a clock
a first edition or antiquarian vellum binding, 

a vase, a glass, a decanter, bowl or pot, 

a treasure, a collectable, a ...
how we say in Dutch:
een hebbeding

maybe a souvenir, a memory, a new insight, an inspiration

have a walk, a seat, a drink, a snack, a meal

Have a nice day !


last Sunday market of the Antiques- and Bookmarket The Hague on the Lange Voorhout, summer season 2018


Sunday, September 23 will be the last day 
of the summer season 2018 of the
Antique and Book Market 
on the 
Lange Voorhout, The Hague

After September 23, the market will move to 
the Plein, but only on Thursdays.

Also during the winter
and also with snow:


extra large Art & Antiques Market The Hague, on Sunday, 26 August 2018

 Sunday, August 26, 2018

more stands, more art & more antiques,
bric & brac, collectables & decorative objects 

on the Antique Market, on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague

09 - 17 o'clock

2018 photography: A'lok Choy, copyright On/Off Media, The Hague, http://www.on-off.nl/


Wander & Wonder on the Antique & Book Market The Hague

Some lovely pictures made in July 2018,
on the Antique and Book Market, 
on the Lange Voorhout, The Hague, The Netherlands
Want to join ?
Put on you walking shoes and discover !
Every Thursday and Sunday, until the end of September.



Study and read

Learn and share

Wonder about wooden shoes

Walk the dog on your own ones

See you next time !

photography by: A'lok Choy, On/Off Media The Hague, www.on-off.nl
commissioned by the standholders' Promotion Committee of the Antique and Book Market The Hague