During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


At a hidden spot in The Hague: The Antiques Market & Book Market

Because of road constructions and the build of an underground parking
the Antique & Book Market The Hague
 is not so easy to find, 
but the standholders are still there with their 
collectables, bric & brac, antiques, prints, books, vintage records, design
and many more.

Every Thursday and Sunday 
on the Lange Voorhout,
Museum Escher, Hotel Des Indes, Pulchri Studio, the American Embassy

So don't let the fences scare you off:

Behind thoose machines you will find a now 
hidden spot 
with hidden gems

just lying somewhere

just hanging somewhere

just standing there

just by walking there

just as something wearing something

just like the cabin you own, or the cart you played with

just a piece to add to your collection of horses

or just to take a breath of clean air and enjoy the feel of freedom

And Jeff and his charming crew of Jeff's Voorhout 

will be there to serve real good coffee, bake his crepes for you and squeese fresh orange juice

on the Book Market remarkeble finds can be found, 
an easy novel, the sweetest poetry,
 and Joost Loef will keep expressing his opion on titles he sells

and perhaps you will walk into the most peculiar piece of furniture you ever saw

titled "Wildebeast", of

delta 98 den haag

And do not forget to take the best Holland has to offer:
a new herring, the so called

Hollandse Nieuwe

served during marketdays on the Lange Voorhout
by Jordi and Martijn
Jordi's Seafood Den Haag

text: Marx Warmerdam
pictures: Jaap Eerland, delta 98 den haag, Joost Loef, e.a.