During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


2017 Season Greetings from The Hague

The Royal Christmas Fair in The Hague
on the Lange Voorhout 

Where, in summertime, since 1971
you will find, 
the Antiques and Book Fair,
every Thursday and Sunday,
from May until Sepember

In wintertime on the Plein
every Thursday

Lange Voorhout, The Hague, The Netherlands


Selling your Art & Antiques on the market Lange Voorhout The Hague ?

Do you want to sell your art, antiques, books, collectables and other nice stuf ?
Give it a try for a day or two !

You might be able to rent a stall for
26 & 27 August 2017
De Haagsche Kunst- en Antiekdagen / The Art & Antiques Days
at the Lange Voorhout The Hague.

The organisation is by: Marktland Evenementen BV
Contact them for info in English
phone number during business hours: 0174 2255 01
or from abroad: 0031 174 2255 01

Their site is:


They are back ! Every Thursday and Sunday: Antiques and Books Market on the Lange Voorhout The Hague

The Hague, The Netherlands
May 2017.
The trees are getting greener and greener,
the sun will shine more and more

On Thursday May 11, the standholders will be back
on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague
with antiques, collectables,
vintage, design and second hand items.

Every Thursday and Sunday between 9-17 o'clock

and with antiquarian, out of print and secondhand books,
old records, vinyl, CD's, prints, posters, catalogues
and other paperwork

coffee and tea, breakfast and lunch, a beer, a wine will be served
at Jeff's Voorhout and Bodega De Posthoorn

The Antiques and Book Market The Hague, since 1971 !


Early spring on the Book & Antiques Market The Hague

During a visit of The Hague, The Netherlands,
you can find the
Book & Antiques Market
on the Plein, every Thursday, until May 4

On May 11 the market, as every summer,
will relocate to the Lange Voorhout,
and then twice a week:
every Thursday & Sunday

Since 1971 !

Visitng The Hague, the Antiques & Book Market and more

Visiting The Hague is not a complete experience
without a visit to it's markets.

Of course you can go to the city center,
the museums and the houses of parliament.

That are places the true The Hague inhabitant would call :


But they also know there is an other part worth visiting, that part is:


The Hague's residents are called or even divided into:

Hagenaars and Hagenezen;
"those from the sand and those from the moor"

ask someone who lives in The Hague and
you will probably get a wonderful explination.

The Antiques and Book Market is "Haags",
because of the spot: the beautiful Lange Voorhout, on the sand

The Haagse Markt is "Hagenees" because on the moor,
but there is no moor anymore

The Haagse Markt is held every
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
with 500 stalls, see:

the Dutch King visiting the Haagse Markt

Antiques & Book Market The Hague,
during summertime on the Lange Voorhout
during wintertime on the Plein


Enjoy a complete The Hague !