During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


Bookmarket and Antiquemarket during wintertime in The Hague

The stalls for the standholders of the Antique- and Bookmarket in The Hague are in place.
The dealers arrive, screw their lightbulbs in and start to display their goods. Mainly bookdealers, but also a few antiquedealers attend their stalls on the Plein every thursday during wintertime, from october until may
 The Plein is a beautifull location, in the hart of The Hague, surrounded by old buildings, shops, restaurants, and at the public entrance of the Dutch Gouvernement. Just round the corner you can find fine museums; the Mauritshuis and the The Hague Historical Museum.
The dealers offer antique, collectable and out of print books, prints, postcards, old and modern litterature,
decorative antiques, miscellaneous and vintage items
Although this wintermarket is of a smaller scale then the summermarket, and on a really stormy autumn day some dealers will not be able to display precious goods, you will always find a book full of warmth or an item to remember your visit to The Hague


Children first on the last day of the summer season 2014 of the Antique and Book Market The Hague, and meals on wheels

On sunday September 21 you can visit the
Antique and Bookmarkt on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague for two more reasons beside looking for a piece of
antique, a collectable or book.
You and your children can enjoy the
Kinderfestijn / Children's Feast  Lange Voorhout 2014

Michael Meeuwisse of Bodega De Posthoorn took the initiative to organize something special for young children on the Lange Voorhout on this last market day.
Between 12 and 17 you and your children can enjoy the presentations and acts of:
the storyteller Joerie Widdershoven
the balloonclown Ernst Drukker
the puppeteer Ineke Seriese
and make and eat the famous and delicious tiny dutch pancakes with:
the poffertjes baker Peter Visser
On the same day there is also a rolling feast of meals on wheels:
RRRollend Den Haag / RRRolling The Hague
several trucks will be on the Lange Voorhout from which snacks and meals will be offered
After Semptember 21, the Antique and Book market will move to the Plein
But only on Thursday's
We hope to see you there !!!!!!!
And we will be back, circa half May 2015, on the Lange Voorhout

How the Lange Voorhout will look like after september 21?
Also beautiful !


Last days of this summer season on the Lange Voorhout Antique and Book Market The Hague

The summer season 2014 is coming to it's end. Thursday September 18 and Sunday September 21 are the last days you can visit the Antiquemarket and Bookmarket at the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.
We were happy to meet a lot of new visitors, tourists and customers.
We do hope they enjoyed their visit and will return an other year. Sometimes visitors have shared their visit with us by sending stories or pictures.

For example Mr.Rubin who found a stand with Makkum earthenware, a Dutch pottery he knew from an earlier visit to Holland.
After September 21 the market will move to Plein, during all winter, but only on Thursdays and in a smaller formation.
Plein is situated near the Lange Voorhout, right behind the Houses of Parliament. The standholders will be pleased to welcome you there.
On a windy autumn or a snowy winter day you can find comfort in a book you buy there or by visiting a stand with warm and elegant decoratives


Sunday September 14, rehearsal Prince's Day at the Antique and Book market The Hague

Sunday 14 September 2014, between the stalls of the Book market and Antique market, on the Lange Voorhout, The Hague:
the general rehearsal of the royal parade, a spectacular show put on by the Salute Battery of the “Yellow Riders”, a concert by the Marine Band, or the impressive international parade to celebrate 200 years of Prince’s Day, with cavalry drawn from six different countries.

What is Prince’s Day?

The Joint Meeting on Prince’s Day is an excellent expression of Dutch democracy at work. The Upper and Lower Houses of the Dutch Parliament hold a joint meeting of the States General on the third Tuesday of September, when the Head of State (the King), in the name of the government, provides an explanation of the policy to be pursued. This is set forth in Article 65 of our Constitution. This explanation is popularly known as the Speech from the Throne.
On the same day, the government also tenders the budget for the Kingdom to the States General, with the ‘Miljoenennota’ being a sort of explanatory memorandum for this. The Speech from the Throne and the Miljoenennota collectively form the backbone of our democracy: the budgeting right, in particular, gives the elected representatives of the people an opportunity to maintain a check on the power of the government.


Organisation for 200 years of Prince’s Day, 2014

The celebration of 200 years of Prince’s Day is an initiative by the ’200 years Kingdom’ Committee in The Hague. This is the third event in the Hague to be organised in the context of 200 years Kingdom. We have already witnessed the reenacted Landing of Prince Willem I at Scheveningen and the Constitution Festival in The Hague, both organised in conjunction with the National Committee. The celebration of 200 years of Prince’s Day represents the fruition of a close collaboration among many bodies, initiatives and individuals in The Hague, including the Prince’s Festival and Open Monuments Day.

 What can you see on Sunday Sept.14 on the Lange Voorhout:

- General rehearsal of the Royal Parade: 10.00 – 12.00,

- International Parade by cavalry from the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and the United States: 13.00 – 14.00

- Show by the Salute Battery Corps of the Artillery (Yellow Riders): 14.00 – 14.30

- Festive Prince’s Day Concert by the Marine Band of the Royal Marines: 14.30 – 15.30
The market will have a different position, the bookstalls will be on their regular spot, joined by a few antique stands, the most antique stalls will be moved towards the Escher Museum, to make way for the parade.

For the complete program:



Thursday's hats and Sunday's Hats on the Antique Market The Hague

We already welcomed Berry Rutjes as a standholder on the thursday market, with her vintage and design hats,
but for these last 3 weeks she will also attend a sunday booth.
And yes, this 2014 summerseason on the Antique and Book Market on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague is due to end.
The last thursday market will be on September 18.
The last sunday market on September 21.
After then the market will move to the Plein, and only on thursdays


Sunday September 7, a new guest on the Antique and Book Market The Hague: De Houtwerkplaats

Again, the first Sunday of the month, of the summer season 2014, at the The Hague Antiques and Book Market on the Lange Voorhout, in front of Hotel Des Indes and the Escher museum, Escher In Het Paleis, you will find a guest stall.

Sponsors are the Municipal of The Hague and the company who delivers the booths: Marktbedrijf Post.
They have offered their full and free of charge collaboration to this event.

 On Sunday September 7, we proudly present:
 De Houtwerkplaats, Den Haag
A simple translation would be:
the Woodworkshop, but I prefer: the Wood Guild

The craftsmen there united, working together, offering courses, also work so beautiful, independent and unique on their own.
Wood is their joint love.
Already for 15 years one can sign up for a course in knowing of, and working with wood.
You will experience the wonder of wood: learning about the material, the different distinguishing features, techniques, restoration, out of the box design, imagining and creating – your thought, your design, your own unique piece. 
The Houtwerkplaats Den Haag will be presented on the market by:
Alexander Lienhart – woodturning, train or turned wooden pens


Alexander designs and creates wooden pens, such as fountain pens.
All unique, and also in commission, as you like it.
Created to make writing a delight !

Brigitte Taal – classic furniture restoration


Brigitte Taal Meubelrestauratie restores antique wooden furniture and objects. With experience in the range from the 17th - 20th century, for example Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Fifties. Using historical  or modern techniques to keep the object as authentic as possible .


Marco van der Bilt – furniture maker and designer

A piece of furniture with the wished size and desired character. Restoring authentic paneling or creating new. The goal will always be realizing a piece that reflects the wishes of the client as much as possible, and beauty combined with function.

The choice of materials, method of working and organisation are the three pillars on which the execution is based.


Golf, Green and Holes next to Colorful Carpets at the Antique Market The Hague

You are a golfer and you are looking for vintage golf clubs or perhaps an antique carpet or rustic kilim in The Hague ?
On the Antique market you might find a dealer who is selling the clubs and others might offer a carpet, but on the thursday market you can visit the stand of
Richard Houpt
He has a stand and a van full with vintage and antique carpets,
and a large choice of kilims
He will explain the difference, the technique used, the region they come from, the age and he will messure it up fo you, unless he is chasing the pigeons that are getting to close to his carpets.
And after all of that, he will also deliver
The summer market will end this month on sunday September 21.
Thursday, september 18 is the last time for Richard and his carpets during this season,
but you can also find him in wintertime in Amsterdam at the Noordermarkt on monday's and saturday's.
Back to golf now.
Around The Hague there are several beautiful golf courses.

But you are stil on the Antique market !
Then experience Dutch golf inside ! 

Opposite the Antique and Book Market in The Hague you can find the Historical Museum of The Hague, the

Haags Historisch Museum

The museum is housed in the former archery house of St. Sebastian's guild and dates from 1636. It is built on the spot of a gatehouse that was used by the civic guard. Parts of its cross-vaulted basement have been incorporated in the new archery house and can still be seen today. The civic guard of St. Sebastian used their quarters for parties and meetings. Immediately behind the building, alongside the pond, called De Hofvijver, their shooting ranges were situated.


Since the late 18th century, after the dissolution of the civic guard guild the building has been used as a hotel, court house and museum. Since 1986 the Historical Museum of The Hague resides in the St. Sebastiaansdoelen. Nowadays, the Historical Museum of The Hague tells you the story of The Hague, about its government and inhabitants. Temporary exhibitions with a Hague twist are shown.


At the moment, till October 12, you can visit the exhibition:
Golf in the Netherlands / Nederland Golft

Since its inception, golf has grown into a popular sport, with more than 375,000 registered players in the Netherlands and the Dutch Golf Federation is the third-largest sports association in the country. There are many reasons why golf is so popular, perhaps the most important of which is the game's great flexibility: you can play golf whenever you want, with whoever you want and however you want; recreationally or competitively. Besides this, golf is a very social sport that is played in the great outdoors and offers all-round exercise for the whole body (and mind). But did you know that the basis of modern golf in the Netherlands was laid in The Hague?

This year is the centenary of the Dutch Golf Federation. A momentous occasion that formed the inspiration for this exhibition which offers a glimpse into seven hundred years of golf. The displays on this floor explore the early origins of the game. A short walk up the stairs to the next floor will take you to the post-war history of the game of golf, displaying many items from the sport as it is played today.

The tekst above can be found on the site with english page:

And now you can return to the Antique and Book market with new and wonderful knowledge and perhaps find the find of your life:

a golf related item, a print made by Rembrandt,
titled: De Kolfspeler (1654)


Art and Antiques, a two days event in The Hague, 30 & 31 August 2014

On August 30 & 31, Saturday and Sunday, a yearly event, the
De Haagse Kunst en Antiekdagen
will take place up and around the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.
A very extended market with
Antiques, Bric & Brac, Ceramics, Collectables, Vintage and Design
can be visted on the Lange Voorhout.
The organisation offers many more interesting and fun things to see and do.
For example a ride in a horse carriage to an auction house.
Do visit their site:
and have a look at the pictures:
for an idea of the pleasent and inviting atmosphere
There will also be an information stand for all your questions,
 Paula and Anneke Post are the inspired organisators for many years, ,
they will be pleased to help you through the nice large program


Looking for Dutch objects dating from the 17th and 18th century on the Antique and Book Market in The Hague

On Thursday July 17, filmshots will be made, on the Antiquemarket and Bookmarket on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, by the Dutch broadcast company Omroep MAX and television production company Endemol.
Omroep MAX will broadcast, later this year, an episode of their successful programme MAX Monumentaal. The Dutch actor Huub Stapel always presents the program.
The item of interest for this episode is a 17th century building in Maassluis, the Gemeenlandshuis.
The Gemeenlandshuis of Delfland on the Hoogstraat in the city Maassluis is a monumental and striking building. It dates from 1626, and has recently been fully restored, but lacks a few details. That’s where MAX Monumentaal comes in.
The very sympathetic Dutch expert on applied art, Prof. Dr. Titus Eliëns, will take MAX and the viewers on a tour on the Lange Voorhout, looking for authentic 17th and 18th century Dutch objects,
such as Witjes – white tiles, or Delft tiles, decorated with blue, showing playing children, chandeliers, glass, textiles, prints and books.
Specialized standholders are Christian Korenhof, Willem Timmermans and Vasso Hadziantoniou. Their love and knowledge for authentic items of the period mentioned, are beyond doubt. They might not have their top-items on stand each marketday, but you can always ask if they have anything of your interest available.
Willem Timmermans has also a shop:
D’ Ouwe Donderbus, at Kalsdonksestraat 141 in Roozendaal,
open on appointment,
and a website: www.douwedonderbus.nl

Near the market there is also a 17th century building, because on the Lange Voorhout no.6 in The Hague, around the corner of the market, you can find the Pageshuis.
This Dutch renaissance house was built between 1618 and 1628, and is one of the few remaining houses with a stepped gable or step-roofe in this part of the city. It takes it’s name from the time the building was a boarding school for pages or squires. Page means squire. Pages' House originally was built as the home of an armorer, but was used from 1748 for the accommodation of Prince William IV's pages.


Vintage Records & Traffic Jam’s and Antiquarian Books & Old Tram’s on the Antique and Bookmarket The Hague

From the eighteenth century's cobblestone streets
With the horse and the carriages to rest our feet
To the train and city tram
Came the birth of mechanical man
The beginning of the lyrics of the super hit Traffic Jam, preformed by the band Sailor, the music and words were written by Georg Kajanus.
Perhaps a never seen sight for you, but on the Antiquemarket and Bookmarket in The Hague a reality. There you might find the vintage record or see the carriage and old tram.
On Saturday July 5, 2014 King Willem Alexander will open the official celebration of 150 years tram’s in The Hague. The opening will be in Scheveningen, at the Noorderstrand and the tram’s will ride to the Kerkplein.
On Saturday July 12, more historic trams will run the tracks in The Hague, hop on and do not forget your camera !
For more information you can visit the dutch site: www.hovm.nl
If you do forget your camera, no problem, because on the Thursday or Sunday you can go to the Antique and Bookmarket on the Lange Voorhout and find enough books about the tram’s throughout the years.
Especially Antiquariaat Damokles, with standholder Astrid van Rongen, has a major collection of books about trams and other kinds of transportation. She can be found on the Bookmarket every Thursday.
Her site: www.damokles.nu , and she also has a shop in the Piet Heinstraat in The Hague.
For vintage records you can visit Antiquariaat Symbolon, with Kees Simpelaar, also each Thursday on the Bookmarket.
However the Antique and Book Market is not on those Saturday’s, every Sunday historic trams do come to the Lange Voorhout. They stop near the museum Escher in het Paleis.
The museum Escher in Het Paleis opened in November 2002 in Queen Emma's beautiful former palace on the Lange Voorhout. The palace houses a huge collection of prints and drawings by the world-famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher.
Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is a master at drawing impossible situations. In one of his drawings water flows uphill and in another fish transmogrify into birds. Escher was influenced by his tutor Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita, himself a great graphic artist, but also by the Moorish buildings and mosaics in Granada and Cordoba.
a silver art medal, M.C.Escher 1898-1972, designed by Henk van Bommel in 1998, collection of standholder Delta 98 Den Haag
In the museum you can see the originals of famous works like 'Belvédère', 'Ascending and Descending', 'Day and Night' and parts of the 'Metamorphosis series'. But don't miss the other interesting exhibits, like the less well-known bookplates, wrapping paper designs for major stores, a New Year's greeting from friends and early self-portraits.
The ingenuity of Escher's work is fully revealed on the top floor of Het Paleis, where computer animation is used to throw a whole new light on the familiar pictures. This totally unique Virtual Reality experience will whirl you away on a thrilling 360-degree voyage of discovery right into the worlds of M.C. Escher