During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


Golf, Green and Holes next to Colorful Carpets at the Antique Market The Hague

You are a golfer and you are looking for vintage golf clubs or perhaps an antique carpet or rustic kilim in The Hague ?
On the Antique market you might find a dealer who is selling the clubs and others might offer a carpet, but on the thursday market you can visit the stand of
Richard Houpt
He has a stand and a van full with vintage and antique carpets,
and a large choice of kilims
He will explain the difference, the technique used, the region they come from, the age and he will messure it up fo you, unless he is chasing the pigeons that are getting to close to his carpets.
And after all of that, he will also deliver
The summer market will end this month on sunday September 21.
Thursday, september 18 is the last time for Richard and his carpets during this season,
but you can also find him in wintertime in Amsterdam at the Noordermarkt on monday's and saturday's.
Back to golf now.
Around The Hague there are several beautiful golf courses.

But you are stil on the Antique market !
Then experience Dutch golf inside ! 

Opposite the Antique and Book Market in The Hague you can find the Historical Museum of The Hague, the

Haags Historisch Museum

The museum is housed in the former archery house of St. Sebastian's guild and dates from 1636. It is built on the spot of a gatehouse that was used by the civic guard. Parts of its cross-vaulted basement have been incorporated in the new archery house and can still be seen today. The civic guard of St. Sebastian used their quarters for parties and meetings. Immediately behind the building, alongside the pond, called De Hofvijver, their shooting ranges were situated.


Since the late 18th century, after the dissolution of the civic guard guild the building has been used as a hotel, court house and museum. Since 1986 the Historical Museum of The Hague resides in the St. Sebastiaansdoelen. Nowadays, the Historical Museum of The Hague tells you the story of The Hague, about its government and inhabitants. Temporary exhibitions with a Hague twist are shown.


At the moment, till October 12, you can visit the exhibition:
Golf in the Netherlands / Nederland Golft

Since its inception, golf has grown into a popular sport, with more than 375,000 registered players in the Netherlands and the Dutch Golf Federation is the third-largest sports association in the country. There are many reasons why golf is so popular, perhaps the most important of which is the game's great flexibility: you can play golf whenever you want, with whoever you want and however you want; recreationally or competitively. Besides this, golf is a very social sport that is played in the great outdoors and offers all-round exercise for the whole body (and mind). But did you know that the basis of modern golf in the Netherlands was laid in The Hague?

This year is the centenary of the Dutch Golf Federation. A momentous occasion that formed the inspiration for this exhibition which offers a glimpse into seven hundred years of golf. The displays on this floor explore the early origins of the game. A short walk up the stairs to the next floor will take you to the post-war history of the game of golf, displaying many items from the sport as it is played today.

The tekst above can be found on the site with english page:

And now you can return to the Antique and Book market with new and wonderful knowledge and perhaps find the find of your life:

a golf related item, a print made by Rembrandt,
titled: De Kolfspeler (1654)