During the summer,
May - September
every Thursday and Sunday
address: Lange Voorhout, The Hague - 2514EH

During the winter,
October - April
every Thursday
10 - 17hr.
address: Plein, The Hague - 2511CS


Classical music just around the corner of the Antique and Book Market

On the Antique and Book Market in The Hague you can find antique, vintage and etnografic musical instruments, as violins and flutes, drums, or old sheet music, or antique and vintage records, vinyl and classical music albums, but you can also visit the Festival Classique The Hague 2014.

Festival Classique The Hague presents short concerts, on unique locations, with performances suitable for an audience from the ages of only several months to well over eighty years old.

The first edition of Festival Classique was held in 2006. Every year there is an entertaining and surprising program for all ages. None of the shows are off-the-shelf, each concert is made especially for the festival. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is very important. The concerts do not last longer than one hour, there is no intermission and the presentations are done by people with a strong and personal connection with the story behind the concert.

There are preformances on unique locations. This can be the open air or at unexpected locations like a McDonald’s, a coffee shop or for instance in the museum Gevangenpoort.

This year the festival once again promises to be beautiful and inspiring. Will you be joining? Take a look at this year's program on the special website in English:

Festival Classique is an initiative from the AVRO and Amerborgh. The festival had more than 36.000 visitors in 2013, was broadcasted on live television and could also be enjoyed on live radio.

The 8th edition of the festival will take place from:

June 18 - June 22, 2014.

For children for example: KinderWaterConcert - The Journey of the Vagabond
During this concert you will go on a journey together with vagabonds! For them the world is one big playground. Pull pranks, have fun, make new friends and discover the world together, that’s what The Journey of the Vagabond is all about! 
Date: Sunday June 22nd
Location: Hofvijver, the Royal Court pond, in the city centre, right next to the Antique- and Bookmarket on the Lange Voorhout
Time: 12.00 – 13.00
Composer: Nielsen – Aladdin Suites
Performers: The Hague Philharmonic and conductor Eivind Gullberg Jensen

But on an other market day you can find peace and quiet on the long stretch of the Lange Voorhout, a step away from the short stretch where the buzz of the market is hardly heard, and there a soloist might treat you with his or her elegant playing.