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Libelle, the biggest Dutch women's magazine on the Antique and Bookmarket The Hague

Libelle, the biggest women’s magazine in the Netherlands, will launch its latest issue with a special on Brocante, Vintage and Antiques on the Antique and Bookmarket in the Hague on Thursday 26 July 2014.
This Libelle issue will take you on a tour through The Netherlands, visiting outdoor markets, shops, collections and inspiring interiors.
Showing what you can do with antique, old, vintage and secondhand items, how they can change your house into a home, full of adventures, memories, dreams, warmth and personal style.
Visiting the Antique and Bookmarket in The Hague can help you find those items;  a piece of furniture, moving shabby or warm glowing antique, a lamp to light up a cosy corner, a strange etnografic object with a story of a far people, a colorful vase that would just fit with the ones you already have.
Look around the stalls and let your imagination flow ! Libelle will help you !
(the first picture shows the cover of the new Libelle issue, the second picture shows one of the pages, both used with approval of Libelle)